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When you need a 24/7 property damage restoration specialist, Spangler Charlotte Restoration., is here to help. From water extraction and mold remediation to smoke removal and fire damage repairs, we offer a comprehensive listing of services for residential and commercial customers throughout the Charlotte NC Area. Spangler is a family-owned-and-operated construction and reconstruction business in the Charlotte area, which means that every technician who works on your property is highly qualified and skilled. Call us today for restoration service!

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Unfortunately, water damage can occur a number of ways. From heavy monsoon rains that result in flooding to burst pipes that result in leaks, water damage can be unpredictable. Dealing with water damage the right way will help minimize any destruction.

Kowalski Construction, Inc., is always ready to help our customers after a natural disaster or accident. We offer a number of services for effective water removal including extraction, dehumidification, structural drying, and more.

As a professional construction and reconstruction specialist, Kowalski Construction, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ is proud to offer our customers a complete listing of services to fully restore their property.

Has your home or business recently incurred damage from a water leak or flood? Unfortunately, when sitting water, moisture, or condensation is present, mold usually follows. Have you noticed an odd smell or a visible sign of mold? It’s best not to ignore telltale signs of growth, especially if you’ve found visible evidence.

Mold is a substance that not only causes destruction to your property; it can also harm your health. If you suspect or know that mold is present in your home or business, call Spangler today

. We’re mold remediation specialists!

If your property has recently sustained water damage and you suspect mold, it’s important to have a professional mold removal contractor inspect the substance without delay. Often, a small amount of visible mold growth can signal a much larger problem that can’t be seen. Also, not all growth is visible. Mold can grow behind walls or on other surfaces where water may have been previously present.

Services Include:

Water/Sewage Extraction
Mold Remediation Structural Drying
Smoke Removal Fire Damage Repair
Board-Ups Temporary Fencing
And More

Printing Shop In Charlotte North Carolina

We have advanced Charlotte IMP media printing shop types of equipment, which allow us to make sure all our products are with the best printing quality. The machines are German Heidelberg Bisect four-Color Printer, Japanese Mitsubishi standard-sized sheet printer, Disk cementing machine, Oil glue machine, Automatic hydraulic paper-cutting machine, Automatic cementing machine, etc.
We own workshops about 12,000 square meters, more than 100 skillful printing workers, 6 professional designers. Our annual output reached about 50 million RMB, while export products approximately 3 million US dollars.

We focus on mid-high class printing products and provide a one-stop solution to our customers, from Design¡ªPlate making ¨C Printing ¨C- Processing after print, etc.

Advanced equipment, Excellent design, Serious quality control, with which we can maximum guaranty our customers to get always the best quality products in the shortest time.

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IMP – Media PRINTING offers paper products, Paper bags, Gift boxes, and Picture album products are popular all over the world with high quality, competitive price, fast delivery and efficient service. Lead the fashion, Move to the new world of printing.
Instead of buying individual printable sets you can buy all printables by joining the Printables Club Membership. This is a 1 year membership and you’ll have 13 months to download sets with an option to print online and also renew your membership after it expires.
Please note that I don’t offer backup CDs at this time. It’s a “download only” option

We use the latest in printing technology to produce brochures, leaflets, invites, reports, mailshots, catalogs, fact sheets, posters, tender documents, booklets, business cards, postcards, newsletters, folders, NCR pads and all formats of signage and branding.

Whether you are a new business wanting to create a corporate logo or a brand, or an existing business that needs brochure design or personalized mail, our team of Graphic Designers have the experience and a level of creativity that will help bring your ideas to life.

This is because the larger than life bright and vibrant images that are created using Imp-Media large format digital printers will always leave a lasting impression on passer-by’s no matter where you might place them.