Staying healthy is one of the most important things that you can do in life. Part of being healthy and strong includes feeding your body nutritious foods and exercising on a regular basis. Aerobic exercise has been a long known way of providing heart health for your body. The heart is the most important organ in your body. Of course all other organs that are considered vital are important as well. But think about it because your heart pumps the blood throughout your body. The blood provide sales and all the other organs in your body with nutrition and oxygen. In past years heart disease has been rising at alarming rates.

High-fat diets and lack of exercise are the main and most obvious culprits for heart disease. Staying away from these unhealthy foods is very important. These foods are everywhere and are even stocking machines wherever we go. Sometimes at work, sometimes or at the store, or maybe even a service department at the auto dealership. Right next door to these unhealthy snack foods is a soda machine. All these high-fat and high sugar items around us. Not to mention the constant bombardment that we receive through television, radio and billboard advertisements. Seemingly making our mouths water at just the sight of such junk. But healthy foods are tasty too. And their heart healthy as well. So why is it that we automatically go for these high-fat high sugar foods.
Salt is a Nother culprit of an unhealthy heart. Even if you don’t add salt to your food and when I say at salt I mean table salt from the shaker. You still may be taking in way too much sodium. Most fast food and even restaurant food has way too much Sultanate. Even the foods in your home that are packaged up and processed have very high levels of sodium. Don’t get me wrong, salt isn’t a bad thing in itself however excessive sodium intake can be a very unhealthy thing in a very bad for the heart. Salt is a mineral that the body actually requires. And it helps control and balance the human body’s water balance. When you’re taking into much salt what it basically does is make your body retain too much water. That excess water is pumped into the bloodstream adding excessive pressure to your blood vessels which in turn causes high blood pressure. Overtime this high blood pressure can weaken the walls of your blood vessels and even cause excessive force on your heart. This of course is a bad thing. High blood pressure has often been known as the silent killer because it does not have obvious side effects or symptoms in a lot of cases. A relatively young person can drop dead of heart disease because of high blood pressure without ever knowing he had high blood pressure.